Deditus is fruit of the commitment and passion of some of the most well-known producers of Barolo who have dedicated their lives in ensuring the quality and development of the denomination and its most prestigious MGAs.



Deditus, comes from the Latin word dēdo, which signifies «to give or dedicate oneself» but, sometimes, it may also mean «to sacrifice oneself»: for something one firmly believes in or wants to defend.

The mission is to identify and promote a profile of Barolo characterized by certain elements, based on three key points: tradition, vineyards and family.





The Barolo Wine Auction

The first group of Deditus was formed in the late ’90s in order to deal with the management of the Barolo Wine Auction which, in 1998, was held for the very first time at the Poderi Gianni Gagliardo winery, located in La Morra. The Auction is a one of a kind event: it aspires to promote the Barolo denomination by selling prestigious lots selected among the best labels of a handful of winemakers, who, for the occasion, have decided to come together in an informal association.



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On April 27, 2021 a virtual tasting of Barolo vintage 2017 was organized by the producers of Deditus

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Barolo virtual experience

The Deditus association invites all professionals in the wine sector to participate in Barolo virtual experience, the first virtula tasting dedicated to discovering Barolo 2016.

23-11-2020 Deditus News

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